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Painting and Drawing

I have painted mostly with oils and watercolours.


I enjoy the richness of oils and the capacity to move paint around the canvas, which can be manipulated and built upon over time. With some of my oil paintings I have use an impasto technique, 'painting' with the palette knife, instead of a brush. These I have built up over time, creating an almost sculptural effect.

With watercolours I like the fluidity and transparency of colour, using the brush as a guide, but allowing the paint to do it's own thing too. It can be applied thinly, as a wash, or layered, giving richness and opacity. I often use pen and ink alongside watercolour paint. These works tend to be more illustrative.


My interests are particularly in anatomical images, which I seek to transform through abstraction, or changing the context within which they are situated. I am also interested in the natural work, which is always a source of great inspiration. I think art is a valuable therapeutic tool and much can be learned about oneself and the world around us through creative enquiry.

I have more recently explored mixed media as a means of experimenting with the balance between the conscious and unconscious process. These works are abstract and balance carefully drawn or cut out geometric forms and composition, with expressive gestural painting and mark making. Others are purely gestural and responsive to my internal mental landscape, at the moment of painting. In some f works I have added collaged text, the words are randomly chosen from magazines, letters, etc and reassembled to create new meaning. 

Please get in touch if you have any enquiries, or would like to purchase one of these artworks, or a high quality reproduction. Please drop me an email at:


Please contact me if you would like to hear more about any of these works:

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