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The Anxious Artist

The Anxious Artist

Hello all and welcome to my blog!

Each post will tell the story of my experience as an artist. It will explore my creative process, what inspires me, and how I negotiate the challenges of trying to find my way and be seen in the art world.

Additionally, my posts will tell my story of being an artist who has the challenges of mental health to contend with, as so many of us do. This can be both a blessing and a curse, as these struggles can motivate and even inspire. However, they can also dominate my day, making it hard to prioritise my creative work. So I will be sharing how I work my way through these challenges, as I seek to shrug off unhelpful and stigmatising labels and begin to identify myself foremost as an artist.

Please read on and if you enjoy reading my posts, please share them with your friends!

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