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The Anxious Artists Sends Wishes of Christmas Kindness

Christmas fast approaches and I find myself feeling delicate. It is time a of year that elicits such a range of emotions in many of us, which can be hard to reconcile with the overwhelming message that we ‘should’ be having a wonderful time. I try to ignore these unhelpful messages and do my best to look after myself. In doing so, I try to make the most of the bits of Christmas I enjoy and remind myself of the true reason for celebration, which often seems to get lost. Then, when it’s all just too overwhelming, I try to allow myself to detach from it all and take comfort in the things I know I can rely upon to keep me going. I feel so grateful for my creativity as this never seems to let me down, at times of greatest need.

These last few days, I have enjoyed some of the snowy scenes surrounding me, which have inspired my creative mind. Although somewhat chilly, it has been very picturesque and I have enjoyed some winter walks in the forest. Although today, as I ventured out to the River Lea and Tottenham’s marshes, I found myself trapped by some very slippery footpaths. I somehow managed to stay on my feet and I am very grateful!

I have enjoyed looking at snowy scenes in paintings and thought I would share a few of my discoveries. Facebook has proved itself a great resource! Let’s start off with this snowy scene, steeped in atmosphere by Edvard Munch:

A Winter Scene with Skaters, near a Castle. Hendrick Avercamp (1585-1634)

I hope you have enjoyed looking at my selection of festive artworks. For my own part, my creations remain in the sunshine at Dungeness, in Derek Jarmen’s wonderful sculpture garden. I look forward to returning in 2023.

So, wherever you are, whether you celebrate Christmas or not: if you are struggling at this time of year, just know you are not alone. Be very kind to yourselves and to each other and don’t pressurise yourselves to feel or do anything that doesn’t feel right. Find comfort in all that gives you strength.

I look forward to returning in the new year.

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